How to Maintain Commercial Appliances

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How to Get to the Bottom of Freezer Issues

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It’s easy to take a household appliance for granted and when one of them breaks down, panic can ensue. Certainly, while some of these units are important, it’s not a matter of life or death if your dishwasher is playing up. However, your freezer is another matter, and without this, food can spoil and mealtimes can be ruined. What can you do to try and fix the problem, if your freezer is refusing to cooperate? Read More»

Sewing Machine Maintenance: Practical Tips for Prolonging the Service Life

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Sewing machines are made using strong and durable materials. However, their design is intricate and delicate. If the appliance is handled poorly or neglected, it will fail prematurely. Therefore, you should be diligent in maintaining your sewing machine for prolonged service and low long-term costs. Here are some practical tips to help you preserve and protect your new or old sewing machine. Choose Quality Thread You should choose the correct thread for your sewing machines. Read More»